Weight of the World

I run the shower. I get in with the intentions of getting out. But, I slump down, grab my knees and I’m hunched over. I watch the water run down my legs, I breathe in deeply, rub the mascara off and it stings. I turn the cold water off and turn the hot water all […]

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There’s this dream where I’m watching myself sleep. I am hovering over body watching, body rest. Everything is normal, I’m aware of how I look while, sleep.   I toss and turn between hues of golds and teals and roll over and grab pillows and flip them over, change position. I talk a little- then […]

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My Mama? well she’s all rainbows and butterflies and blonde hair with green eyes and i’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day and “Now Whit, God don’t like ugly – ya hear?” She’s all margaritas make the world go round’ and makes the best king ranch chicken in town and swears ONLY to the good “Lord […]

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Coffee Shop Thoughts.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA. Supposedly God has mapped out each and everyone one of our lives before we even entered this world. And we, as puny humans on God’s great big earth, are supposed to go through the motions every day accepting each and everything that happens in accordance to this plan. Well I think this is […]

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